What are the Different Varieties and Benefits of Pallet Racks?

When it comes to increasing as well as organizing the amount of available space in an area to store materials, papers and other objects of importance, pallet racking systems provide a perfect solution. These storage solutions can be defined as a framework or structure constructed to hold pallets in proper order. Ideally, pallet racks are made of steel piping and cast iron and are designed in a strategic way to hold materials of any size or weight in various situations.

What are the different kinds of pallet racking systems available in the market?

Choosing the aptest type of pallet racking solution is the first step towards placing your materials, goods and papers in a proper and organized order. Following are the basic varieties of racking systems available in the market for the customers to select from:

Selective Racking: It is the most commonly used racking system that is prevalent in different warehouses. It is also considered to be one of the most cost-efficient systems. This easy to install system allows the user to conveniently have access to the placed products.

Double Deep Racking: This type is somewhat familiar to selective racking in appearance. However, it includes two rows of selective racking where one row is placed behind the other. This system makes space for the pallets to be stored deep inside the rows. However, one can quickly gain access to the pallets from the aisles.

drive-thru-palletsDrive-in: When it comes to making maximum use of the floor space, drive-in racking system is the answer. It is considered similar to block stacking where the products are not stored above the pallet.

Narrow Aisle: This is same as selective racking but with narrower aisles, which proves beneficial for warehouses. This racking system with narrow aisles can easily be navigated with the help of man-down or man-up lift trucks, to place pallets into the racks. This system is utilized to optimize the available space in your warehouse and is also known for making the most out of your virtual space you work with.

Carton Flow: When double entry selective racking is installed with the bed of rollers, it is called carton flow racking. The bed consists of a series of specially designed wheel trays that are used to effectively move stock. A business that requires stocks to be hand-loaded, picked and sorted out by warehouse workers, need this type of racking system. Mostly these roller trays can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Cantilever Racking: When it comes to storing long-sized products such as steel rods, plastic piping, lengths of timber and similar objects, this is the kind of racking that is used to store the products. With protruding arms and specially constructed series of columns, this type of racking system increases the available storage space you currently have.

Heavy Duty: This type of racking system is strategically constructed to hold and store heavy duty items like huge pieces of steel and wide loads.

Why are pallet racking systems gaining so much popularity?

Pallet racking systems are proving to be an excellent way of making the most out of the available space for storage of almost every kind of materials that may vary from heavy-duty goods, light-weight objects, paper, raw materials and other products. Following are the basic benefits that made racking systems popular among various sectors:

1. These racking systems if bought from reliable manufacturers prove to be durable and long-lasting in nature. These are available in both standard and customized designs to suit the purpose of the customers.

2. High-quality racking systems are known for their rigidity and strength, and hence, customers can expect high performance even after years of usage.

3. These racking systems can be used with versatility according to one’s requirement as the products are available in a variety of shape, design, height, depth and load capacity.

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