How to Clean Heavy Duty Casters in Your Materials Handling Equipment

If your materials handling business involves transporting items that might leak grease or oily substances, then you know the importance of cleaning up such spills before they spread out and affect multiple surfaces. Grease and oil spills make floors slippery. These substances can also affect the performance of your equipment. These tips will help you to keep your casters from getting damaged by grease or oil spills.

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Keep the Casters Lubricated

Keeping the casters properly lubricated helps to stop any other substances from affecting the performance or lifespan of the casters. On dollies and other types of material handling equipment, the casters may need to be re-lubricated every couple of weeks, especially if the equipment carries heavy loads on a frequent basis. Use the proper oil-based or synthetic lubricant as described by the manufacturer.

Removing Debris from the Casters

If you do experience an oil or grease spill while transporting equipment and supplies, it is important to clean it up before continuing on with your project. To clean the casters, you will begin by removing debris like dirt and dust. You can do this by wearing work gloves and using a short bristled wire brush. A scouring pad or roughly textured sponge can also be used to remove crusted-on debris from the casters. If there is no debris on the casters, then you will only need to use a degreaser or enzyme-based cleanser.

Grease and Oil Removal

There are a few ways to remove grease and oil from your equipment’s heavy duty casters. Begin by wiping off as much of the grease as possible with paper towels or an old cotton rag. Dip a clean cloth into mineral spirits, a degreaser or rubbing alcohol. On casters with a chrome finish, the best cleaning agents to use are a gentle dish soap such as Dawn followed by a rinse with white vinegar. The dish soap can be dripped directly onto the grease or oil spots on your casters. Wipe it off with a clean cloth. Dip a new cloth into the vinegar or spray the cloth with vinegar that has been loaded into a spritzer.

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